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Calcite | Level 5


In Ods html, I create a cover page containing an image referenced in the title statement of a dummy proc report:

data ;


proc report data=_last_  nowd headline Noheader SPLIT='*'   style(report)=[rules=all cellspacing=0 bordercolor=white] ;;

column x;define _all_/noprint;

     title1 color=CX262A2A  <IMG SRC="../Cover.png"  width="1000"    >;

     title3  color=Navy   h=13 font="Arial" "2013 Financial report";

How can I make "2013 Financial report" (Title3) to appear into the image at definite coordinates and not below it?

I suppose that the proc report method is not the right one for achieving that

Many thanks for your input


Meteorite | Level 14

For a SAS/Graph solution, I would recommend using Proc Gslide with an iback (background image), such as the following.  (The line-spacing (ls) option controls how much space above the title text.)

goptions iback="U:\foo.png";

proc gslide;

title1 ls=20 "2013 Financial Report";


Calcite | Level 5

Thanks for the interesting approach, but I meet 2 problems:

1. The resolution of the picture is very low

2. The image repeats itself partly at its rigth

Any idea?


Meteorite | Level 14

For the picture quality, you'll want to make sure you're using SAS 9.2 or higher, and using device=png.  Here are some details on the 'why' Robert Allison's Favorites of What's New in V9.2 SAS/Graph...

You'll also want to make sure that the gslide is approximately the same size & proportions as the image you're displaying in the background (of vice-versa).  You can change the size and proportions of your gslide by using goptions xpixels and ypixels, for example.

To have the image only repeat once, you can use  goptions imagestyle=fit

SAS/GRAPH(R) 9.2: Reference, Second Edition



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