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I am setting up the pieces/parts of our integration in SAS Management Console. I have successfully established the SAS Application Server under Linux, defined the Foundation metadata location (same blade, under Linux) and built Oracle (Linux) metadata. We will be using EG to migrate historical SAS reporting programs to Stored Procedures that will use this Oracle link.

Where is the default shared location for Stored Procedures defined in the Management Console?

Is there someone who has succesfully set up an environment for this kind of integration willing to jumpstart me with advice? I am supposed to do a public demonstration next week on a proof of concept for firing off a SAS report from an Oracle Application Server (formerly HTML DB) that stores SAS report results in a CLOB on the Oracle database.
Given your time constraints, my suggestions is that you contact Tech Support and open a "ticket" fairly soon. Getting all the configuration items worked out is something that is really specific to your installation.

Stored Processes are not the same things as database Stored Procedures. If you are asking where the default location is for SAS Stored Processes, there are 2 locations:
--One location, the "BIP Tree" folder is the "fixed" location that must hold stored processes that will be executed via SAS Web Report Studio (it also is the location for Infomation Maps and other WRS content, like logos, banners, etc).
--The "other" location for Stored Processes is not ONE location, but multiple locations or folders that you can set up using the BI Manager plug-in of SAS Management Console.

There are also configuration issues involved with creating permanent packages in a WebDAV repository -- if that's what you mean by your comment that you want to store the SAS results in a CLOB -- so you need to know that you have configured your WebDAV repository correctly,

However, you should make sure that your whole configuration is correct and your servers and security are set up correctly. Tech Support can help you with those questions and then, once those things are verified, they can help you figure out the whole CLOB in the Oracle database issue.

To contact Tech Support, go to and in the left-hand navigation pane, look for the link entitled, "Submit a Problem."




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