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Obsidian | Level 7

I am trying to create a stored process that the webout varies according to what the user selects, I created this code to test but it doesn't work, could someone tell me why? 


Thanks in advance


%global M_Opt_FT;
/*"User will pass this parameter by another stored process, here i just created him to debug"*/ %let M_Opt_FT=NOVO; %macro test; %if "&M_Opt_FT" = NOVO %then %do; data _null_; /* if "&M_Opt_FT" = NOVO then do;*/ file _webout; put '<html>'; put '<body>'; put '<HEAD><TITLE>FAST TRACK</TITLE></HEAD>'; /* put '<FONT face=Arial size=2 COLOR="#000000">;<B>BANCO ABC BRASIL</B></FONT>';*/ put '<FORM action="" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">'; put '<fieldset>'; put '<legend>FAST TRACK</legend>'; put '<B>CRC empresa a ser pesquisada:</B><BR>'; put '<input type="text" name="M_Crc_Cliente"><BR><BR>'; put '<B>Data balanço mais recente:</B><BR>'; put '<input type="date" name="M_Bal_Recente"><BR><BR>'; put '<B>Data balanço mais antigo:</B><BR>'; put '<input type="date" name="M_Bal_Antigo"><BR><BR>'; put '<INPUT name="_program" type=hidden value="/BancoABC/Publico/StoredProcedure/fastTrack_2">'; put '<INPUT name=_debug type=hidden value=0>'; put '</select><br><br>'; put '<INPUT name=B1 type=submit value=ENVIAR>'; put '</fieldset>'; put '</FORM>'; put '<BR><BR>'; put '</body></html>'; run; %end; /* not simply closing the prior please wait */ %mend test; %test;
Rhodochrosite | Level 12

What problem are you experiencing when you run the code?


You might want to try omitting the STPBEGIN/STPEND macro invocations if you are using them.  In some cases SAS Enterprise Guide automatically adds these macro invocations, so that is something else to check.


Vince DelGobbo




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