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Calcite | Level 5

Hi, I am new to the sas Data Integrations. I want to set scheduler using Windows Task Scheduler or using batch script. the reason i using it becase SAS Management Console is Off limit since my team is not the core team. So we cannot using it.


So we try using the method ( Windows Task Schedule or batch script) , but i dont know anything how about it since the training using SAS management console. 

Can anyone pls help us


So you do have access to the task scheduler on the sas app server, but can't use smc. Strange setup.

Opal | Level 21

Being forced to use an inferior scheduling solution because you don't have access to SAS Management Console but other teams do? What is going on in your organisation?! Have you explained this to your boss and can he/she help you get SMC?

Opal | Level 21

@leani SAS DI Studio is very different to clients like SAS EG. You only run jobs via DIS during development. 

For scheduling: You deploy the job as a .sas file. In DIS that's done via menu "Schedule Job" (which is a very unfortunate term as it's not scheduling).


When "scheduling" a job in DIS two things happen:

1. Using DIS metadata an external .sas file with SAS script gets created on the SERVER.

2. A new SAS metadata object gets created (a deployment object with the same name than your job object)


For scheduling

These deployment objects are then used in SMC to create job flows for scheduling.

You could also schedule the .sas files directly without using SMC and the deployment objects but you then need access to some scheduler AND you need to know how to call the jobs for batch processing.


I strongly suspect your idea of using the Task Scheduler is based on the assumption that you can do the scheduling client side (where DIS runs). This is not the case.


If you are allowed and supposed to use DIS and build jobs then scheduling using SMC is the way to go. If you aren't allowed to implement the scheduling yourself then some other team needs to build it for you as per your requirements.





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