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Fluorite | Level 6


Is it possible to execute selected stored processes as a guest where as for other stored processes users must login.


Currently all stored processes are running as a guest.


SAS is not new to me but stored process is. I don't have SAS admin, I manage my own envionment. 




Onyx | Level 15

I assume when you say 'guest', you mean 'public' in admin's term. Simply put, however not recommened, yes, you can do that; also simply put, you need to get yourself an admin or admin training. The topic could get so rapidly complicated that this forum is not suitable for this discussion.


Depending how you config/deploy your SAS enviroment, from source data to meta data server, a successful 'run' of a STP involves many layers of permission granting and user control.


I would suggest starting a talk to SAS tech support. 



Tourmaline | Level 20

Agree with @Haikuo, some admin training is recommended.

Can you elaborate more about what you mean by "your own environment"?

It's a SAS BI Server installation or similar, right?

And what kind of users do you have?

What kind of data do you provide for reporting - are they sensitive in some way?


This is input when you set up an authorization scheme/pattern in your SAs metadata. SAS admin training is introductory in this area. My experience is that need someone to talk to so you ultimately fins the best set up for your purposes.


Good luck

Data never sleeps
Fluorite | Level 6


I mean I manage our environment. I have Office Analytics installed.


In long term I will go for admin traning.


Is it possible what I am looking for?   

Tourmaline | Level 20

Yes, it is.

Start in the Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide (Fundamentals and Authorization chapters).

There should be number of Global Forum papers on the subject as well.

Data never sleeps
Fluorite | Level 6

OK, I will read it.


I could not find any papers on this subject, may be I am not using right words for searching.

Tourmaline | Level 20
Keywords could be "Metadata permissions" and "metadata authorization".
Data never sleeps



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