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Calcite | Level 5

I have a programe which run both on EG and as a stored procedure. when I ran in EG in prod or Dev enviroment the libname automatically select the enviroment and ran the code, But when it is run as stored Procedure, it need to be change as manually for each enviroment.

I tried all option but not able to make the libname dynamic for Stored procedrue. Pls help me to suggest how to make dynamic code for libname in stored.

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I would not change the library reference in the program.

Instead define the libraries in metadata with the same libref, but different paths. Then assign one definition to the prod stored process server and the other to the dev stored process server.

Calcite | Level 5

Hi KurtBremser,


Could you please explain the it more.



Super User

Assume you have two directories:



In SAS Management Console (Plug-Ins), open the Data Library Manager

Right-Click Libraries, select New Library

Name it XXX-Prod, on the next tab, assign it to the production server, in Options, give it the libref XXX, and set the path to /sasdata/xxxprod

Once you have finished, repeat the same, but name it XXX-Dev, assign it to the development server, and set the path to /sasdata/xxxdev


You now have a libref XXX in both production and development, which points to different paths, depending on the server context.



Calcite | Level 5

Thank you,


Is it possible to have in the programme of stored procedure.

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The SAS program will not need to do any changes to the library. But you will need separate stored process definitions for the prod and dev server, both pointing to the same physical SAS program file.

Tourmaline | Level 20
Agree with @Kurt_Bremser but I would even sugest that the stp SAS file should be separated between your different SAS environments. This will let you develop / change your logic in a controlled environment without disturbing the live report in the production environment.
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