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Solution views continue to increase
Community Manager

It’s SAS Support Communities metrics time! The team pulled some recent graphs from Jan. 2016 - April 2018 that show solution views to total views and total views per month. Check them out, along with a bit of commentary.



Percentage of solution views has been steadily rising, thanks to concerted efforts to make highly-viewed topics the best that they can be. 




Overall visits and views on the site has seen “meteoric” rise over the past year or so, thanks in part to these helpful solutions that rank very high in Google search results. Thus, the impact of good content is even higher. Compare March 2016 to March 2018 – over 4 times as many topic views, and 28% more of those were of solutions. That translates into a 380% increase in solution views! Over time, that’s millions of communities visits that yielded an answer that someone needed.


You’ll note a little bit of up-and-down from month to month on the views. That’s typical of technical forums – visits are seasonal; activity spins down in December/early January.



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