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Quartz | Level 8

Good Day.


We are assessing feasibility to migrate our On-Premise SAS Environment to AWS

Current Environment:

On Premise:

SAS Visual Investigator 10.7 (Over Viya 3.5)


Target State:


SAS Visual Investigator 10.7 (Over Viya 3.5)


May I know how we can achieve this?

Initially we see the need to install Vi in AWS and do export from source and import to target AWS environment. Then decommision the on-premise environment.


Appreciate any advicesuggestions.


Thanks in advance

Opal | Level 21

I strongly suggest you review SAS's support policy for Viya 3.5 before commiting to migrating to AWS.  Right now, full support for Viya 3.5 finishes on 1 Jan 2025. That means you are spending a lot of effort migrating a product that only has another 18 months of full support. Have you considered switching to VI on Viya 4 on-cloud? I recommend to discuss your options with your SAS account manager to get expert migration advice. 

Quartz | Level 8


Thanks for the response.

lets say we go for viya 4. what is the best approach to migrate the objects from the source environment. export/import or are there other tools we can use?



Opal | Level 21

@alko13 - The starting point for doing an upgrade is to run the Content Assessment tool on your existing installation. That will identify the types of content to be migrated.

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