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in one of my classes, we get these packets handed out to us and we are called on to read a paragraph or two out loud basically 3 or 4 days of the week. I think that is so unfair how he forces people to read, even though they dont want to. Anyway, i absolutely hate going to that class and every week that passes my nerves get worse. In the mornings I get stomach aches and i feel nervous. Then when I am in that class my hands sweat and I feel short of breath and I have to swallow a lot. If i get called on to read, I can only read a few words then I have to breath and swallow and sometimes i studder or mess up words. It is embarrasing and it pisses me off I really dont know why i get so nervous. I tried breathing a certain way to calm me down, chewing gum, and drinking water in the class but none of that helps. Last week and today I just skipped the class because I am so done with the teacher and that class. Even when I am out of school I am thinking of that class and it ruins my mood outside of school. I am too embarrased to tell my parents about it, but I might tell them soon because I cant deal with this for the rest of the school year. I made an appointment with my guidance counselor today too, I should be talking to him tomorrow. So honestly, I feel so lost and have no clue what to do, I tried relaxing myself and it didnt help, should I look into taking a prescription medication for my anxiety or ask to switch out of that class, or even tell my teacher my problem and to not call on me, but that would be embarrasing to do and if he says no it would most likely make it even worse. Any help is wanted, thank you.


Believe it or not, your question is somewhat relevant to a message board about SAS programming.  SAS programmers are sometimes called upon to present their work (or perhaps go on job interviews), and can be equally nervous.  


First, realize that speaking in front of people is a necessary skill.  And remember, it could be much, much worse.  The teacher might be asking you to tell the other students about yourself instead of reading a paragraph.  If this doesn't happen in a classroom, it will happen in real life.  So be determined to improve.  At any rate, practice using very, very small steps.  For example, start by reading a paragraph out loud when you are alone.  Practice until you are a little more comfortable than you were ... it might take 20 paragraphs to get there.  Then add to that little by little in any way that you can.  If it is more difficult, practice reading a paragraph when a pet is in the room with you.  That's how small the steps should be.  Practice reading a paragraph when a family member (or perhaps a friend if that is easier) is in the next room.  Then practice reading a paragraph when a family member (or a friend) is in the same room.  Eventually make it more than one family member (or friend, or a combination).  You don't have to become perfect at any of these steps ... just better and more comfortable than you were before.  Take in in tiny steps, and gradually take on a more difficult setting.  After making some progress, you will probably go back to the beginning, most basic step and cycle through the steps again to become more comfortable.  If you work at it, you will get there.


Good luck.

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