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I recently noticed that the width of the subject in the Data Management ( ) area  was severly truncated. Then I noticed that there was a use name that was extremely long and since it was currently displayed twice as the author and most recent poster that seemed to be takingup most of the screen horizontal space. Depending on page the name overlaps information in the sidebars also.


I suggest that perhaps some additional controls on column widths be supplied before we get a user ( robots anyone) like IWantMyUserNameToIntentionallyBeLongEnoughThatNothingElseIsLegibleOnTheForum.


Note that in the individual posts that these long names appear over the "how long ago posted" information as well. 


Added: I see this is using IE 11.

Diamond | Level 26

I noticed this too today, and it was difficult reading the titles of the posts. I don't recall seeing this problem on other boards.


Page 1 as of this time, illustrating the problem


2015-12-03 18_36_54-All Topics - SAS Support Communities.png


Page 2, illustrating the normal appearance


2015-12-03 18_37_24-All Topics - SAS Support Communities.png

Paige Miller
Super User

Interesting. That's not what I see - using Chrome as a browser.



Diamond | Level 26

My screen captures were from Firefox 42.0

Paige Miller
Community Manager

Hi there - thanks for bringing this up.  


In the future, long user names will not be a problem. When we migrated to the new software platform, we migrated the names "as is" for the most part. But now, the maximum for usernames is no more than 12 characters. 


I also fixed the long table not wrapping issue for this message:


Some messages with tables that are copy/pasted may have issues like that ... I had to add this to the table in HTML <table style="table-layout: fixed; width: 100%;"> in this case..


Let me know if you see other tables like that. We will look into a more long term solution but I can help fix on a case by case basis until then.









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