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Diamond | Level 26

I click on the "camera" icon, then click on Saved Photos


2022-07-05 14_46_15-New Message - SAS Support Communities — Mozilla Firefox.png


then click on "All Photos"


2022-07-05 14_47_06-New Message - SAS Support Communities — Mozilla Firefox.png


In there, I have lots of photos that I will never use again, and some that I will likely use over and over. How do I delete the ones I don't want any more?

Paige Miller
Super User

Open your profile. At the bottom, you'll have "My Photos", and at the bottom of that you have "View all". Once you select this, all your photos are displayed in smaller format, and when you move your mouse over one, you'll get a "context menu" which includes an x to delete the photo.

Diamond | Level 26

This appears to actually delete the image from the message it was originally used in, as well as deleting the image from my collection of saved images. Which isn't the effect I want. I only want to delete the image from the collection of saved images.


I'm getting the impression that it's not possible, and the few I tried are gone from not only my saved images but gone from the message it was originally used in.

Paige Miller
Super User Tom
Super User

That is what it looks like to me.

A bit annoying.

But in general I just ignore the page that let's me see the images the system has created for me.


Note: Microsoft Teams seems to suffer from the same affliction.



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