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Summary: I'd love some help creating a LaTex template that is valid for SGF 2021 and that can be maintained by the community for future years. Is anyone interested/able to help me?


For each SAS Global Forum an official .docx template is produced for authors of to use for creating their paper. For many SAS Global Forum contributors this is great, but there are a number of people in the SAS community who write articles, papers, and reports for other publication purposes that use document preparation tools other than Microsoft Word. Commonly, the tool used is LaTex.


Back in 2004 Ronald Fehd created a CTAN package (sugconf) that produces output compliant with SAS User Groups up to about 2007. Since then, the formatting has evolved but the package is dormant. I've tried to reach out directly to Ronald using the email address that's in the package but it is not valid anymore.


The workflow that I would love achieve is: write my paper in Markdown and then use Pandoc to create the printable, shareable, PDF document. I'd like to be able to stick a bunch of FrontMatter at the start of my document (things like paper number, authors, abstract, etc.) and then start writing. Something not dissimilar to this or this (I even use Typora).


I've tried this morning to edit some templates that I found online but I coming in from such a low level of knowledge (read: zero knowledge) that I'm not making any progress. I know there are lots of LaTex and SAS users out there. Would some of you like to collaborate with me on this?

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Also adding @ArtC to the conversation. If I remember correctly, he is very knowledgeable about LaTex.



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