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Obsidian | Level 7


We would like to enable SAS Viya multitenancy  in Development environment . Development Environment used  for  testing SAS Viya application but not for resource intensive user/business  process. Please  advise if any system resource dependency  or constraint in enabling muti tenancy .In other words I  would like  what is minimum CPU /Memory required to enable multi tenancy, for CAS , SPRE and worker nodes.


Thanks in advance



Ammonite | Level 13

Hi @vorkady 


Multi-tenancy is enabled during initial deployment, as long as system was sized for such scenario I think it should be good. You can refer to the minimum requirements here:

Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @vorkady ,


In terms of resource dependency, you will need to look at your identity provider(s): LDAP, AD, etc, as you would need to create the organizational unitls (OUs) accordingly.


Indeed, as @Anand_V proposed, if you had already multi-tenancy enabled you are good to go to create the new tenants. Otherwise, you might need to re-install SAS Viya, re-configure and migrate your content (reports, data, etc) you the initial tenant at least.


This being said, we cannot help you in terms of your sizing. You need to look at the current usage, estimate how much would each tenant use, and expand resources (disk, RAM, even cores if the licenses allow you) accordingly.

If you need support with this task, I always advise to get professional support from SAS or a trusted SAS partner that would be specialised in this particular area.


I hope this helps to have an initial direction.


Best regards,


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