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Quartz | Level 8



If you have to deal with 'Forecast Server/Studio' or SAS CPM, those client applications need to work with the 'sas-environment.xml' file.


If you have multiple SAS environments (like most), it's possible to set this file with the description of ALL your SAS environments. SAS users can then just select the appropriate environment they want to work it.


In our case, the following is kind of a puzzle. All 3 environments are identical, but the environment list (i.e. Forecast Stuio) only displays 2 of the 3 available. We've switched with settings all we want, the 'DEV' one NEVER appears on the list:


<environments xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="2.0">
<environment platform-version="9.4" default="false" name="default">
<desc>PROD - prod.server.ip</desc>
<service-registry interface-type="soap">http://prod.server.ip:7980/SASWIPSoapServices/services/ServiceRegistry</service-registry>
<service-registry interface-type="rest">http://prod.server.ip:7980/SASWIPClientAccess/rest/</service-registry>
<environment platform-version="9.4" default="false" name="default1">
<desc>DEV - dev.server.ip</desc>
<service-registry interface-type="soap">http://dev.server.ip:7980/SASWIPSoapServices/services/ServiceRegistry</service-registry>
<service-registry interface-type="rest">http://dev.server.ip:7980/SASWIPClientAccess/rest/</service-registry>
<environment platform-version="9.4" default="false" name="default2">
<desc>STAGING - staging.server.ip</desc>
<service-registry interface-type="soap">http://staging.server.ip:7980/SASWIPSoapServices/services/ServiceRegistry</service-registry>
<service-registry interface-type="rest">http://staging.server.ip:7980/SASWIPClientAccess/rest/</service-registry>


Sorry for the display, a cut/paste in a text editor makes it easier to read. (See attached)



Any input appreciated,




Thank you!


Ammonite | Level 13
Agreed, this is quite tricky. Few things you can check could be:
1) If any spaces or special characters (usually when edited using some editor) causing this.
2) If keeping only dev information in the file makes its to appear in the drop down? If not, then definitely there is some issue loading it properly.
Quartz | Level 8

Hi Anand_V,


Indeed, we've placed the 'Dev' differently, removed the two others, but to no avail. As you suggest, some sort of XML cleaner may help. I will give it a try.



Thank you for your time!



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