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Obsidian | Level 7



When I run the following code:


Libname imp impala dsn=Impala_new db=testdb


Getting this in log file:



30          Libname imp impala dsn=Impala_new db=testdb
31         CONOPTS='SSL=1;TRUSTEDCERTS=/sas/Software/Hadoop/Hound/Certs/test_truststore.pem;USESASL=1;ALLOWSELFSIGNEDSERVERCERT=1;
NOTE: Libref IMP was successfully assigned as follows: 
      Engine:        IMPALA 
      Physical Name: Impala_new


But we don't have this folder and file (/sas/Software/Hadoop/Hound/Certs/test_truststore.pem) on compute server and I don't get any error for it either. Could you tell me where is this path and file?

SAS Employee
The last two options probably make the driver not check the trusted CA list. So there isn't any trusted certificates store being read.
Obsidian | Level 7

When I change those two options to '0' ALLOWSELFSIGNEDSERVERCERT=0; CAISSUEDCERTNAMESMISMATCH=0 (so that the driver checks the trusted CA list), it still works and I don't get any error. It seems that this folder is somewhere on server.


SAS Employee
This is perhaps something to discuss with Cloudera support. The driver is created by Cloudera. Likely its using one of the more common TLS/SSL implementations and it will be also loading up certificates from a default location also in addition to the user specified trusted certificates. You could attach a syscall tracer and trace the open syscall for the session and you'll see it if its loaded.

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