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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Guys,


Would like to consult if anyone encountered this in Environment Manager.

When I go to Resource > Browse > (Select a Platform)  and if I select a Metrics e.g. Free Memory, It does not display data for previous days. It only display data for today and onwards

I want to utilize this tool to report the utilization of servers for the past month.

Attaching screenshot of the output.

Based on the screenshot, I can only select Dates 29th January onwards. But could not select dates before 29th January as they are disabled.

Please advice how can I select previous days in the Date Range

Thanks in advance,

SAS Employee

@tlorel ,


Go to SAS Environment Manager -> Manage -> Server Settings and let me know what you have in "Delete Detailed Metric Data Older Than" field?

Obsidian | Level 7
Hi @alexal,

The current setting for me is 2 days.

SAS Employee

@tlorel 2 is the default setting and that value does not impact the ability to specify a historical date range.


What maintenance release of SAS do you have?



SAS Employee

Hi @tlorel.  Not being able to select a historical date range appears to be a limitation in the M2 maintenance release of SAS.  This issue does not occur starting with M3 onward.


What maintenance release are you running?  If you are unsure, please open Base SAS 9.4 and check for the version and maintenance release in your SAS log window.



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