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Obsidian | Level 7



Our environment is new and not very stable, so I want to set up email alerts for our admin team to notify them of any failure with sas servers and services in SAS Viya 3.5. Did some googling about how to set it up but didn't found much help.


Could anyone please point me to some documentation and/or posts regarding setting up email alerts?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

SAS Employee

SAS Viya does not have a built-in email alerting mechanism for when services go down; however, you can use the sas-admin healthcheck CLI to periodically query service status and generate email when you detect any which are down.  You'll find a good blog on healthcheck here.

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Obsidian | Level 7

Thank You!! @Mark_sas, I tried the sas healthcheck on CLI but got an error,

command - ./sas-admin healthcheck system-health check-status complex  --display-results
Error Msg - The user token is expired. Login again before attempting any commands.

I am able to run below command on SAS CLI ./sas-admin like to generate Json mapping file for .spk file.

./sas-admin transfer generate-content-mapping --mapping /home/xxxxx --user-package /home/xxxxx/identities.spk --group-package /home/xxxxx/identities.spk


But don't know, why I am not able to run healthcheck command?

Any help for this issue?

Thank You!!


SAS Employee

I'm not sure.  If you're able to run other sas-admin commands in the same session, you should be able to run healthcheck.  It wouldn't hurt to refresh your token by re-authenticating according to the procedure laid out in


If you continue to have issues with just healthcheck, please contact Tech Support.

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