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Obsidian | Level 7

Found this site: 

There's also a version numbers with checksums.


So basically what I did was:

to find log4j-core


find /opt/sas/config/ -name log4j-core* -print


to get md5sum and compare with the ones You get from link above


for i in `find /opt/sas/config/ -name log4j-core* -print`; do md5sum "$i"; done


We also have 9.4M6 and I got versions log4j-core-2.11.1 (71d3394226547d81d1bf6373a5b0e53a) and log4j-core-2.1 (8d331544b2e7b20ad166debca2550d73).


Community Manager

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Quartz | Level 8

Does anyone know on the depot?

I see the loguccino instruction say don't run on the depot, so do you just leave that alone completely, or remove the files manually from there?

SAS Employee
You must not run loguccino on the depot. If you do, and make changes to the depot, then the next time you try any deployment activity you'll hit checksum errors.
The advice from SAS is to re-run loguccino on your system every time you do anything that involves the depot, because it is conceivable that you reintroduced a previously fixed log4j issue. 

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