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Fluorite | Level 6

Having an issue with a new install of SAS Viya 3.4,  If Install with out configuring HTPD with my server certificates I am able to go through the post-install and login as sasboot. As soon as I add my certificates either post install or pre install I am unable to login.  I have verified that the ssl certs are valid, if I set them up on apache before I try to install Viya the test page comes up as secure. 


With the ssl certs in place when you try to login I am getting the following errors. from Firefox, 


  "errorCode": 401,
  "message": "Authentication Failed: Could not obtain access token",
  "details": [
    "path: /SASDrive/"
  "links": [],
  "version": 2,
  "httpStatusCode": 401


If I try and open it from IE before the page even loads I am getting this (see the attachment),  like it is trying to download a file. 


I have tried to run the playbook

renew-security-artifacts  as well as distribute-httpd-certs with no change in the situation.


here is also a snip from the saslogon-default logs


2019-08-05 11:25:53.943  INFO 8958 --- [n Asynchronous5] c.s.c.bootstrap.ConfigurationLoader      : service [3e83fcacae6aa99d] [CONFIGURATION_BOOTSTRAP_OBTAINED_ACCESS_TOKEN] An access token has been obtained.
2019-08-05 11:25:53.959 ERROR 8958 --- [n Asynchronous5] c.s.c.bootstrap.ConfigurationLoader      : service [3e83fcacae6aa99d] [CONFIGURATION_BOOTSTRAP_RESTCLIENT_EXCEPTION] encountered an exception attempting to invoke the [HTTPMethod=POST][endPoint=/configuration/definitions]


if anyone has any suggestions where to look next I would appreciate it? 






SAS Employee

@kgeorge130 ,


I'm wondering, why you didn't specify your SSL certificates during the deployment process as described here?

Fluorite | Level 6

Actually that was they way I did it the first time and still had the same issues, tried it the other way just to troubleshoot.

SAS Employee

@kgeorge130 ,


Did you get the same error about CONFIGURATION_BOOTSTRAP_RESTCLIENT_EXCEPTION when the certificates were specified in vars.yml before the deployment?

Fluorite | Level 6

I believe so,  I should have saved the log file from then to compare. 

Fluorite | Level 6
Any ideas on what might be causing that problem?

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