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Barite | Level 11
Hi Folks,
We have a customer using Oracle Cloud, with Oracle Linux as OS. Our customer have SAS VA and SAS EG. The Oracle Cloud is configure to be available only through internal network. We have SAS 9.4 M6 and SAS VA 7.4.
After installed in this infrastructure we had problem to access SAS VA. We use Chrome Developer Tools to identify what is going on. The situation is when login for the first time on SAS VA, the page start to download swf packages. After a few seconds, the download stop. When users reload the page, the download process resume. After 3 or 4 times reloading the page, the swf components are downloaded (cache) and the user can navigate and execute as expected.
We make a test using a computer that has direct access to Oracle Cloud (it's in the same network segment and it's not access through firewall) and SAS VA opens perfectly well and without any problem. So, we understand that we don't have any issue with SAS installation itself but probably with the firewall. We already opened a ticket with SAS and, in effect, they validated our SAS installation and it's ok. But we are unable to identify the issue on the firewall...
Anyone had a similar issue? Any suggestion on what kind of test we can do on firewall or any special adjustment to test?

Is VA behaviour the same on a different browser?

Barite | Level 11

Hi, @SASKiwi ,


Yes, we have the same behaviour. When we access SAS VA through firewall (using any machine), the swf packages stop downloading and we need to reload the page several times until cache is created. We already tested using a computer without any antivirus running on the machine and without any local firewall (windows) but it's the same. After cache is created, everything works fine and load quickly as expected. If we access SAS VA using a computer located on the datacenter (that is direct access to Oracle Cloud, in the same network segment and without passing firewall) or open a browser directly on SAS Server, everything works perfectly. 


I never encounter this situation before and I'm not be able to find any reference a similar situation.





Continuing to diagnose the problem with SAS Tech Support appears to be the best approach. I suggest sending them web browser logs.

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