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Fluorite | Level 6

How to add a secondary compute server and setup the load balancing using the cost alogorithm?


we already have SAS installed on a three tier architecture (Metadata, compute and mid tier) and would like to add a secondary compute server and setup the load balancing.


I found an article which says that I need to install SAS in INSTALL ONLY mode on the second compute server and then configure object spawner and then configure in Management console for the load balancing. if we do this, how will the mid tier server know about the second compute server. Any thoughts?

Tourmaline | Level 20

Please provide the link to the article you are referring to.

Also, what do you want to achieve by setting up a second Compute?

And what Load Balancing are we talking about, Stored Process Server?

Another instance of SAS requires a certain license, have someone at SAS (technical architect or similar) help you architect this set up?

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Fluorite | Level 6

Below is the link, I was referring to

we would like to distribute the load between two compute servers (workspace)

I just want to understand the process of setting up this. we will work on having a license if we want to add another instance of compute tier,


Tourmaline | Level 20

Sounds like that you want to create a Grid...

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Fluorite | Level 6

Kind of, but without using the grid manager. Instead would like to use the default load balancing cost algorithm. This is not as intelligent as GRID, but still load balances the sessions based on number of connections.

Opal | Level 21

The best way to add a second compute server would be to update your existing SAS design, with a new plan XML file and do a new planned deployment. This will allow you to keep your existing deployment intact and your additional server setup consistent with whats there already. 

Tourmaline | Level 20
Sorry, SAS has pushing the Grid do much I've forgot about this possibility.
I haven't done this myself, but following the guidelines would probably be sufficient. Ig you are worried about disturbing your workforce it would be ideal to try this in a test environment.
Ultimately you could hire someone from SAS professional services or an appointed partner to help you through the set up.
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Ammonite | Level 13

I remember we had done this in our environment where we load balanced two work space servers using LRU Algorithm by setting those up in SMC. But both were done at Logical Level.

So to your question how is the midtier going to know about the second compute server - so once the request hits the spawner for launching of work space server it would use the Least recently used logical server as we had the load balancing set.

which in your case would be cost.

I found this link helpful:


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