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Obsidian | Level 7
Hi, I'm trying to install SAS Enterprise Guide on my laptop from the SAS software depot and do not want other products. So I unchecked other products but at the final step I get other foundation products which have been already installed. As a result SAS integration technologies installation fails. Please let me know:
1. Is it fine to install SAS Enterprise Guide alone by unchecking other products as we need only this one?
2. SAS Integration Technologies fails and gets the message "there is a problem with the installer: An non-zero exit value of 3 was returned while registering the file C:\Program Files\SASHome\ Integration Technologies\SAScomb.dll". ?

@raj231  - Yes it is fine just to install Enterprise Guide. I'm assuming you are using the SAS Deployment Wizard. It would be worth checking if you have a standalone installation of EG in your depot. If you do it will be in a sub-folder called standalone installs. BTW EG uses SAS Integration Technologies to connect to remote SAS servers hence the reason it is trying to install that too.

Meteorite | Level 14

Hello @raj231 

In the SAS software depot, you will have a folder for standalone installs.
There is  stand alone installer for SAS EG as a windows installer.
This would be a simpler process and no need to run SAS Deployment Manager

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