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Barite | Level 11

Hi folks,


We have a strange behavior of SAS PF File Formats. Our SAS server is Linux 64 bits. We have some users with the following error. If they try to import/export using SAS PCFF to local disk, everything works fine. But if they tried to export to the network drive remains forever on running status.


We already verify if the user has the authorization to read/write on the network and he has it. We also validate if he has "Log on as batch job" permission and it's ok.


There is no error in the process, only to remains running (even a little data sets)  and to continue we need to stop/cancel the process.


We already reinstall SAS PC FF.  We checked if Office is the same version (32/64bits) as SAS PC FF too. Does anyone have this kind of issue? We have a few users in the same situation. 



Super User

Can you share an example of how they are attempting to export the data?

Include the PC files connection information plus the procedure code.



A long shot, but I had an issue when moving data to One-drive as a "network drive" and had code with file paths in macro variables that a path defined like
%let path=d:\folder\subfolder ;

would work but if it were defined with a space

%let path= d:\folder\subfolder ;

Things failed.

Opal | Level 21

Please post the SAS code being used.

Meteorite | Level 14

Hello @MariaD 
Your PC file server is running a remote Linux server whereas you are trying to export to a remote share drive.
Is the share drive a windows share?
Perhaps that may be the cause.

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