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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi ,


We have a requirement to connect to the SQL server using Windows Authentication . Till now we have connected to the same server using odbc connectivity and a database user has been created specifically for our project and the same has been defined in SAS Authdomain and we are able to connect to the database.


As I said, now we have to connect using WIndows authentication mode. SQL Server and SAS Server are in the same domain and my ID has been  added to the domain and the privilege's for my ID has been provided in the SQL server. I have configured the odbc.ini file as 'trusted connection = yes' . But still I'm not able to connect to the SQL server.

Is there any other option I have to use in odbc.ini file to connect for Windows authentication?? Thanks in Advance.

Opal | Level 21

Please post your SAS log containing the complete test database connection program and any error messages.

Rhodochrosite | Level 12

Depending on your SAS architecture you may need to get your domain admins to configure the SAS Computer Tier machine(s) as Trusted for Delegation - see SAS and IWA: Two Hops

Obsidian | Level 7



We do have IWA configured in our platform and after editing the odbc.ini file with the below details I can able to connect to the SQL server using Windows Authentication


Authentication Mode = 9 & Domain = <Domain Name>


While creating a library in SMC I have used Default authentication , so the libname automatically used my username and pwd for connection. Successfully I can able to do it.


But now the problem is  if I want to use the libame statement in SAS DI or if it want to use the passthrough facility , I cant able to use AuthDomain as 'DefaultAuth'.


What is the libname statement should be used with the odbc is defined as Windows Authentication?? thanks in adavance.

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