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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10



In the DI-Studio you can see the execution order of the transformation steps inside of a job and it even tells you that information in the little basic facts window when you click on the step. But I can't find this information anywhere in the metadata of the transformation step. All I can see is the dependencies of steps that preced/succeed the step but I ran into a problem there if a step has multiple successors.


Can somebody point me in the right direction where the execution order of the steps inside of a job is stored in the metadata?


Kind regards


Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

When I look at the metadata via metabrowse I can see Unter Job > JobActivities > Steps that the steps are listed in reverse order of the numbers but when I read the data with 

nobj6 = metadata_getnasn(uri_jobActivitie, "Steps", k, uri_jobStep);
rc5 = metadata_getattr(uri_jobStep, "Name", stepName);
rc6 = metadata_getattr(uri_jobStep, "Desc", stepDesc);
rc7 = metadata_getattr(uri_jobStep, "Id", stepID);

I get a different order.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Okay after a lot of digging I finally found my answer.

TransformationSteps have an association named Referenced Objects and in there you can find an object called ControlOrder and if you open that up you can find an XML-Defintion of the job which contains the tag <AssociatedObjects> and in there is a listing of the TransformationSteps in the right order.


What I'm now missing is how to access the XML of the object not just via metabrowse but via data step

Calcite | Level 5

Just faced the same problem, in case someone else needs an answer on this old question.


Loop the AssociatedObjects association of the ControlOrder object with metadata_getnasn() function. Comparing to the Metadata Browser the metadata_getnasn() returns the TransformationSteps in the proper order. 

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