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Calcite | Level 5

What settings do my administrators need to change in order to allow me to access my local drive using the path structure below?  It says that I don't have authorization!


libname myData "//MachineNetworkName/c$/Folders/MyDataFo​lder


Thanks a bunch!

Tourmaline | Level 20
I've never been to a site that allowed servers to access local PC drives, so I can't see that happening. But start talk to your network admins.
But I would sugest that you find other means to accomplish your tasks. The server is there for reasons. Use it, or any other centrally available locations for your stuff.
Data never sleeps
SAS Employee
In order to use the c$ path you need to be an administrator on the server. Alternatively you can ask the admin to create a network share named folders (or whatever ) on directory c:\Folders on the server and to give you appropriate permissions.
After that you will be able to access your local drive by using '\\server\folders\MyDataFolder
SAS Employee



maybe i misunderstand your question, but from where are you trying to access your local data?

Are you trying to submit this from a SAS client on your desktop or are you running SAS on the server??




Calcite | Level 5

HI!  We are currently in the process of moving from SAS PC to SAS on the server and having the functionality of accessing our hard drive would be ideal.

Tourmaline | Level 20
Having data on local drives is not ideal and you should try to move all data asap to a central location.
If you have a Windows SAS server with the same bitness as your PC clients just have your users move them manually to location reachable from the server.
If you have a separate OS/bitness your are more safe if you let the users export the data using PROC CPORT.
Data never sleeps
Obsidian | Level 7

libname myData "//MachineNetworkName/c$/Folders/MyDataFo​lder


To access this c Share of the your from server, your id (or the id that runs the SAS program ) should have admin access to the <Machinenetworkname> 


Apart from that the work space server firewall should allow to connect to other pc's in the network. If you can ping(disabled in windows 2012 servers as a default )  the server name from the pc and vice versa then no issue. 


Best Regards,

Sai Korrapati

Sai Korrapati
Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @ldagiasis


you have received good insights here. Please let me summarize and add mine:


You want to access to: libname myData "//MachineNetworkName/c$/Folders/MyDataFo​lder"


  • Maybe I am wrong, but first the pat should use the \\xxxxx\ format, instead of  //xxxx/ one
  • if you want to access an administrative UNC path all the paths with $ sign, you need to have administration permissions on the target machine.
  • Also, you will need to have the SPN registered, as explained on Register SPNs
  • Suggestions:
    • If you run SAS on the same machine where the C drive is, better use libname myData "C:\Folders\MyDataFo​lder"
    • If, still, you need a shared folder, just ask your administrator to create a shared folder for MyDataFolder, with permissions to the SAS users you require and sassrv (if you have it), then use a libname myData "\\MachineNetworkName\MyDataFo​lder"

I hope this can help a bit there.
Best regards,


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