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We've recently deployed SAS 9.4 with the Financial Management components (version 5.5).   We are at TS1M5 as of today and looking to see what version of Apache Struts we have.  


I've followed some google-foo and the struts-core.jar files shows something of a 1.x specification but I feel that's awfully low.   This is a security concern of ours (sound familiar?) so we're looking for something that's identifiable at this maintenance level.


Again - just looking for the struts version that SAS is at with 9.4 TS1M5 by default.  We have very little customization.   Please also know I'm not a SAS person but an infrastructure person helping search this out.


For further clarity, we use the VA Hub to launch documentation within Excel and use the add-in to upload. We also use FM Studio, Data Integration, and a few other things (The Financial Management web portal too).   I believe these all uses the Apache services their core.


Thanks in advance,



Edit:  Further clarification of what we have.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @AdamBre,


I think your question should be answered by a SAS developer, hence, SAS Technical Support should be, probably, your best way to address it.


As previous Java developer (not at SAS 🙂 ), I can tell you that you can always search for the struts-config.xml in your web application and check the version actually used by the application. Or in the MANIFEST file, inside the META-INF folder.


An example:

SAS Employee



SAS is using the custom version of Apache Struts.

Amethyst | Level 16



I feel curious, do you have details about custom version of Strut 2? What aspects have been customized?

SAS Employee



I do not have such information.

SAS Employee



I've corrected my original statement about the version number.

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