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How to perform a full linux operating system backup by using operating system commands..

Amethyst | Level 16



if you are on a virtual machine, I would definetely take a snapshot of the current state.


If still you need to copy files, rsync is an excellent tool

Or just make tar/gzip files, to compress space.


There are some neat tools to make backups on a block level, which improves a lot the process and size, since they can just index repeated same blocks, without actually requiring to write them into dis, using quite clever algorithms, but I won;t come into that area with details, since those are a bit expensive tools


Quartz | Level 8

Thanks for the quick reply.


We have 4 physical machine for SAS VA  and other sas software. Could you please advise whats steps are required to backup the full os and how we can restore.


Wre are going to upgrade the Maintaine 4 release from SAS 9.4 M3. Whats elease steps are required to before upgradading to M4.

Amethyst | Level 16

Nice. In that case, and if you have enough disk space for a copy + some extra Gigs for the update, I would just make a simple copy, trying to keep all the hard/symbolic links - or having a good inventory of them- of the relevant SAS directories. du -H helps to know the size of the folders you will copy. Then you can just delete those folders if your update is OK.


Just to be sure, better to stop your services before the copy.

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As per SAS documentation , its mentioned not required any backup if you upgrading from M3 to M4.


Steps to Complete When Upgrading to SAS 9.4_M2, SAS 9.4_M3, or SAS 9.4_M4
If you are applying the second, third, or fourth maintenance release for SAS 9.4, the configuration script automatically configures the Deployment Backup and Recovery tool.
After you update your software, complete these steps:
Verify that the URL in the ProxyPass entry for SASDeploymentBackup contains the host name of the main machine for the middle tier.
Restart the SAS Web Server.

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@sewa_bal_gmail_com wrote:

Could you please advise whats steps are required to backup the full os and how we can restore.


You have already been given those answers. For Linux expertise, I suggest switching to a Linux-oriented forum.

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There are a dozen ways to do this. Disk cloning, rsync, dd, tar.gz and using copy commands.  You need to decide what you can do and what you have resources to store and manage.  Backup is only expensive if you do not do it.  

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