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Fluorite | Level 6



We have Meta data cluster with 3 nodes. 

When I login to SMC or EG,I get the follwoing error though the metadata services are up in them  .

"ERROR:"The secGetIdentity request failed because the server is paused for OFFLINE use.  The reason for the server pause is Waiting for the cluster to achieve quorum.."



Can someone help me to fix this?


Thanks in advance


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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi All


Sorry for the delayed response. This issue is resolved after we restored the metadata from 2 days old metadata backup.




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Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @Menakabm,


if you get this message, one or mor of your metadata nodes are not up, although if you are on a Windows server, you could see the service up. This does not mean that the actual service is up in all of them. ( and


I would stop all of your metadata servers, adn start them on the right order (if possible) and check if you can connect with SMC after one or 2 minutes. After this, if you do not get a quorum yet, please check the metadata server logs on each of your metadata server nodes. In SAS Management Console, select Metadata Manager ► Active Server ► Properties. In the Properties dialog box, click the Cluster tab. Determine whether there is a quorum and make sure that all nodes are running.


One of the reasons why a node might not becoming up (more common of what you would expect) is because the location for logs is full.


Another reason might be network failures: SAS provided a workaround and a hotfix, included in this SAS Problem Note.


Another option is that the cluster has not been started in the proper way. Most unlike, but I drop it case it could help you. 





Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Juan,


Thank you for your e-mail.


But unfortunately the steps that you have provided didnt help to resolve the error 😞





SAS Employee



as Juan mentioned, are there any errors in the metadata server log aside from

the error message you posted?


Have you tried starting the metadata server in a non-clustered way to see if this

works, or, if it gives you any other error message?

The way to do that: make sure all nodes are stopped. The start one node with

metadataserver.bat -startNoCluster


Has anything changed in your environment?

- any maintenance releases or hot fixes that have been installed?

- any changes to the backup location or config files of any of the metadata servers?

- any user ID changes?

- once one metadata server is started with the noCluster option, can you log on to SASMC

  using the sasadm@saspw account? I am wondering if anything has changed account vice on the

  machine where you see the problem.


If there is nothing in the Metadata Server log, check the Win event log (you are on Win, right?)




Fluorite | Level 6

Hi All


Sorry for the delayed response. This issue is resolved after we restored the metadata from 2 days old metadata backup.




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