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Fluorite | Level 6

Dear All,

While installing the SAS Viya 4.0 client, I am getting this error 

image: 'kustomize:k3.8.5' is not found in the image files, when I looked into the package this Kustomize file is not available with the package.
Can someone help me to solve this error.
@JuanS_OCS : Can you please suggest how to fix this issue.
Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @rabindrakumar ,


I am not 100% about what client are you referring to: the "SAS Viya Orders API and CLI"? The "SAS Viya Deployment Operator"? Perhaps additional information about the specific image and server you are pulling from would help us to better understand.


For now, as general answer: as far as I am aware, SAS VIya 4 has as pre-requisite to have kustomize to be installed in your machines, among other requirements. This should be done by you, unless of course, the image you are pulling from the repository contains this specific piece of software already by design.


In case the image should contain kustomize, you can always check inside the image was is available, when. You could even check the actions taken in the image, I could imagine a layer on the image could have contained kustomize and that layer failed on the execution of its Dockerfile. For this, you need to investigate the logs of the executions, probably with verbose and logging to the image's messages log.


Looking forward to hearing back from you.



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