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Hi all,


We are new in SAS world. We did install SAS 9.4 and VA 7.3. We just wonder if we need to apply the hotfix if we don't really have any outstanding issues in the systems now? Can you anybody share your experience like pros and cons etc?


Thank you.



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Generally I only worry about hotfixes for things I have issues with. Look at the description of the hot fix and then compare to your projects. If the fix involves procedures and/or options that you do not use then there really isn't a need.


If a hotfix comes as a potential solution to an error or problem you do experience that would be the time to upgrade. Do pay attention to version and operating system though.


I might pay special attention to security related issues though.

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Hi Christy,

Just wanted to make sure you knew about our Hot Fix board on the communities: Just subscribe to the board/blog and you'll get all the notifications and can decide if you need to apply them.

Thanks for using the communities,


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How big is your enterprise? Can you be absolutely certain that something related to the hotfix isn't occuring on your system and someone isn't dealing with it?Basically, could someone be affected, not realize it and neither would you?


An example, is if a statistical procedure, changed something. I'm not going to verify my procs everytime though I do the first time I use one. 


If I run into an issue and I see it's a known issue but no hotfix available, I wouldn't consider contacting my IT area to let them know.


My two cents as an analytics manager but not an administrator.  

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As a SAS administrator at SAS (we drink our own champagne) I typically just apply hot fixes when a particular fix is required.  On that occasion I take the opportunity to apply all current hot fixes rather than just the single fix. In many cases applying a single hot fix is similar effort to applying several dozens using the SAS Hot Fix Analysis, Download and Deployment Tool.  ballardw and Reeza make good points to stay informed about new Fixes (i.e. Alerts and Security).

Additional information can be found:

SAS Employee



I guess the best rule of thumb is: if you do have the products a certain hot fix applies to, install the hot fix.


One of the reasons is when you run into a problem that might have been fixed with a hot fix you did not install,

Tech Sup might ask you to install it before any troubleshooting is possible.


The best practice is to just always stay as up to date as possible for the products you have.


As mentioned in another post, you might not consider a certain hot fix as needed, yet someone in the company might use that fixed and improved feature ...


It is easier said than done as installing hot fixes can mean "down time" for the users. However, if you can, install the hot fixes for your products and users. Pay special attention to alert hot fixes.


If you go to and scroll towards the midde of the page, you can sign up to be informed

when a new hot fix is released.




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