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We have a visual desk top and using Attachmate reflection to get to the linux server. We cand use the BASE SAS GUI (SAS9.4) or can use the command line to submit SAS programms. We also have SAS EG. My need is to be able to use SAS EG to connect to directories on the linux. We do have both SAS connect and SAS ACCESS.

SAS Employee

Hi there,


do you have a Metadata Server running on the server?  Is the goal to just simply submit libname statements to

access the data?

How are you connecting/accesing that data from within BASE?

Is Connect working, because a CONNECT Signon should work. Maybe I am misunderstanding your question, if

i do, my apologies, but, if you are running code in BASE, it should just work fine in EG as well.

Did you try and did you get an error?




Super User

Enterprise Guide provides a window to the server files through the "Files" section in the Server List.

The root starting point for this is defined in the workspace server configuration in SAS Management Console. If you want to have access to the whole server, you have to set that to "server root".

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You can connect to Linux Folders(located on Compute Tier Host) from SAS EG by following the below Structure:

Server -> SASApp -> Files -> Folder assigned to you


or else you can connect to Linux Folders by the help of libname statement:


libname libref base 'linux path';


By using these options you will be able to connect Linux Folders(Compute Tier Host).


Hope this might help you.




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