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Fluorite | Level 6

I cannot open SAS management console after installed "SAS PC Files ServerRelease 9.4 - AUG 2014". It throws "java class not found" error in client log file: SASMCErrorLog.txt.


It throws error when install JAVA package during installing "SAS PC Files ServerRelease 9.4 - AUG 2014" but it let me skip this part and continue the following installations. After that i cannot open SAS management console in the server.


Can i reinstall the SAS PC Files with latest version "SAS PC Files ServerRelease 9.48 - JUN 2019" to repair the Java package?


Or are there any methods can fix this issue? Need downgrade the Java package?



Ammonite | Level 13

Hi @jaklng2019 


I have moved the post under Admin category.


Can you share the full log from SMC?

Fluorite | Level 6

i am not in hand now.  but the error said that the Java class not found xxxx.

Pyrite | Level 9

 Hi @jaklng2019,

have you used the "Install additional Software" Dialog from the SDW?

My recommendation is, start the Setup.exe with the Parameter "-changesashome" and install the PC Files Server into its own Home-Directory. So both, the existing Installation and the PC Files Server has its own Java.

However, it seems your current Installation is defect (I have no idea what you existing Installation is). I would reinstall it. When you do this, check, if you can install the PC Files Server in the same step from the same softwaredepot. If not, do the install with changesashome.


Fluorite | Level 6
I installed the old version of PC Files Server, so it overrides the Java with old version. Is it possible to execute the latest version of PC File server setup exe to get the latest java version?
Currently the pc files server can run successfully but I cannot open Sas management console. ReinstallIng the sas management console may be my final solution if there is no other way😓
Pyrite | Level 9

If the newer PFS has the same Version as your SMC Installation - this could work.
However i would recommend reinstalling both...

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