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Calcite | Level 5

Hi I have to access web services using mainframe sas. is it possible? if yes. then please suggest the possible way.
if no, then is there any other way we can go for?


Barite | Level 11

My knowledge of mainframe SAS is zero. However you access web services with either PROC HTTP or PROC SOAP, depending on the type of web service. If those procs are available on the mainframe, then I guess you could....

Calcite | Level 5
thanks you nhvdwalt . I need to make secure communication between two server may be based on certification .
Barite | Level 11

100%, then you will of course specify the HTTPS URL in PROC HTTP. Just make sure that the needed CA certificates are installed on SAS. Have a look at the SAS guide titled 'Encryption in SAS 9.4' that will tell you where and how these certs are stored in the SAS installation.

Calcite | Level 5
thank you nhvdwalt. I am going thru the SAS guide 'Encryption in SAS 9.4' . will get back if any issue/findings.
Barite | Level 11

No problem.


Also search the web for SAS Papers on the topic, there are many good papers out there with some solid examples.

SAS Employee

The HTTP procedure and SOAP procedures are both supported under z/OS.

Do check the documentation for these procedures because they do include some z/OS specific comments.


Doing TLS/SSL with these procs for z/OS specifically is not well described in the manual.

Try it out and if you run into difficulties with the TLS bits it would be something good to run past SAS Technical Support.


Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @Sukhi1,


just one addition. To be able to make full usage of proc http / soap, you would need to be on SAS 9,4 and at least the 3rd maintenance level.

I would also suggest you to get some java program, such as SoapUI, to test the connections to the web service before the actual creation of the SAS procedures. I will save you a bunch of time and trouble.

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