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Pyrite | Level 9



We are not able to access the SAS Web Application URL (with new URL) after updated the hostname. I can all the web and application services are running after host-name update.

on Chrome we are getting this error

"Error 500: The system attempted to find and access a service for interface '' for 2 hours and was unsuccessful."


on window Explorer "The website cannot display the page"


Any suggestion please. We are using sas 9.2 and websphere7(mid tier)

Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @japsas100 ,


the complexity of the middle tier is so large (specially with websphere) that unfortunately it is virtually impossible to debug your problem from here. It is important to look at all the generated log files and the configuration, current and changes.


I would say this is a good example of an issue to be tracked with you local SAS Technical Support team. Perhaps even with IBM. Although, I must say, you probably will not find level A support due to the old versions of both SW.


I would take it from scratch, starting the services one by one and checking the logs to increment, until errors or warnings appear.


This might be helpful, for yourself, and for the items any tech support team will request you to send them to the ticket:


My current assumption would be that one or more of the following happened:

- too many changes happened

- some changes where forgotten

- applied changes to the server or network that are not compliant to the hostname changes

- multicast IP 

- ssl considerations if you run with https


Any error on Remote Services? Review its configuration, I could imagine that you might need to bind addresses to IP (JGroups, etc).



Pyrite | Level 9



Thanks for reply. We ready raised this issue with SAS tech support last week but no luck.

Here is SystemOut.log.


00000035 webapp E logError SRVE0293E: [Servlet Error]-[The system attempted to find and
access a service for interface '' for 2 hours and was unsuccessful.]:
UnavailableServiceException: The system attempted to find and access a service for interface '' for
2 hours and was unsuccessful.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @japsas100 ,


thank you for yours. The low level response by tech support might probably be due to the version. Your company probably should seriously consider to upgrade the version of SAS, since as of January 1st 2021 will be under limited support. You could give a call and offer a webex session to the team supporting you.


Besides above, unfortunately you keep giving us the same information, therefore we cannot progress.


In addition, you could try to increase information level on some of your logs, to get DEBUG or TRACE levels.



Ammonite | Level 13

Hi @japsas100 

I had a similar issue in SAS 9.4 and this KB helped me resolved the issue.


I can see the error you have shared is similar in the KB link as well.

2014-10-06 11:13:25,643 [Thread-174] WARN  [unknownunknown] - Have received 1440 failures while trying to access an auto-discoverable service to satisfy request for 'http://hostname:8080/SASWIPServices/remote/urlGenerator'. Please ensure that the application and/or process surfacing this interface is still in the process of starting. 
Exception in thread "Thread-174" The system attempted to find and access a service for interface '' for 2 hours and was unsuccessful.

While I am not a great expert on SAS 9.2 systems, I would suggest you to check with your local IBM MQ team to see if they can help you on this.

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This is what happens when you don't do the right thing.

The efforts spent fixing such issues are easily outweighed by the gain you'd have from a clean setup of current software.

Your IT people seem to be quite inexperienced, or they would have learned this long time ago.

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