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Dear SAS Community,

as a SAS partner we received SAS Installation Depot with following products:

Product(s) Ordered 
 All Standard SAS/ACCESS Engines, including the products:
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Amazon Redshift 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Aster 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Greenplum 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to HAWQ 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Impala 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Informix 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Microsoft SQL Server 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to MySQL 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Netezza 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to PostgreSQL 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to SAP ASE 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to SAP HANA 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to SAP IQ 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Vertica 
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to the PI System 
 Base SAS 
 Platform Suite for SAS 
 SAS Business Rules Manager 
 SAS Campaign Management Server 
 SAS Data Integration Server 
 SAS Decision Services 
 SAS Digital Marketing 
 SAS Federation Server 
 SAS Marketing Optimization Server 
 SAS Metadata Bridge for Microsoft Excel 
 SAS Metadata Bridge for Oracle 
 SAS Metadata Server 
 SAS Real-Time Decision Manager Server 
 SAS Solution LASR Analytic Server 
 SAS Visual Analytics Administration and Reporting 
 SAS Visual Analytics LASR Server Non-Distributed 

 SAS/ACCESS Interface to PostgreSQL



We would love to install a single server solution to make POC's and tests for our customers.

A single server should contain


We don't want to connect it with our other SAS Servers (we've already have virtual servers with VA and FM).

and the question is:


Is there any recommended installation guide to have these 

SAS RTDM and SAS CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT on one linux server?




what type of installation should i choose in SAS Deployment Wizard?


By installation guide i mean something like sas installation guide for VA.


Thanks for your help 🙂

Have a nice day!

SAS Employee

In order to do this, you're really going to want to have a custom deployment plan that you can specify in the SAS Deployment Wizard.  You'll need to contact your SAS partner manager in order to get such a deployment plan which specifies only CM and RTDM.  Picking and choosing which products to install from a preexisting deployment plan (standard or custom) is not recommended as you can easily miss product dependencies.  Getting a custom deployment plan from SAS ensures that the right products/components will be included in your install.

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