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Pyrite | Level 9



After deploying sas viya, I have 2 queries.


1. As we are at the initial phase of the project, we are not very much concerned about ldap connections now. So, instead of creating ldap user, is there any alternative to use a normal admisistrator account to login to Environment Manager. If yes, how to create a normal admin account.


2. As, we have deployed sas Visual Analytics, Visul Statistics and Data mining and machine learning, how to access Visual Statistics and Data mining and machine learning. I can not see them in the env manager. Visual Analytics I can see in the Environment Manager.



Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @AmitSri,


the answer for question 2 is quite easy:

- SAS Visual Statistics is within SAS Visual Analytics, both are the same product, but with some different features/capabilities.

- SAS Data Mining and Machine Learning is SAS Studio, you will need to go to


About question 1, it gets trickier:

While you wait for other, perhaps better answers: Of course, you can use sasboot to access the environment manager, although probably you should not on a daily basis. It looks as it would be intended for an initial config only.

With sasboot user, is how you will create your admin users, and they must be LDAP users as far as I am aware of. The visual interface (Environment Manager, Visual Analytics) works with OAuth authentication.




SAS Employee



LDAP is required for the visual interface. It is not required in a programming-only deployment. So the answer will be no.

Just install OpenLDAP server and use it.

Pyrite | Level 9
Hi Alex, Thank you!! We have installed anopen Ldap server. Now, I am not able to access the EnvironmentManager URl. Its saying:
Not Found

The requested URL /SASLogon/oauth/authorize was not found on this server.

I tried restarting the sasboot too. But its giving message as: [root@gspdsv04 init.d]# ./sas-viya-saslogon-default restart
sas-viya-saslogon-default is dead
sas-viya-saslogon-default is running

What Can I do furthur, to access this URL. Thanks!!
SAS Employee
What does it show for logon if you do "sudo service sas-viya-all-services status" - The individual service status commands just report whether or not the server process is online - all-services will check it's endpoint and make sure it's accessible. I'm thinking it says 'not ready' for logon - and if you check the logs for saslogon or identities you'll find an exception of some sort talking to LDAP.
Pyrite | Level 9
I have checked the status of all services and all were up except sas-viya-saslogon-default service. I tried to stop this and start, but it was again giving me the same message like service died. I have uninstalled sas viya and re-installed now. And able to access the URLs. However, now again we have to look about setting the LDAP. Thanks!!
Pyrite | Level 9
How to resolve this as just re-installing could not be feasible all the time. Thanks!!
Pyrite | Level 9
What could be done, when the service sas-viya-saslogon-default is died and says notready when we check for all-services status. How to bring the saslogon-default up.
SAS Employee

not-ready indicates the process is still running, but unhealthy (for a variety of reasons, check the logs for logon) typically it's a problem with the LDAP configuration or access to some other service that's down - however if the only thing in viya-all-services that isn't up is logon, the logs should say what's going on. 

Pyrite | Level 9
I had gone through the log as well. Though I am not able to understand everything from the log, I can see at some point that

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not resolve placeholder 'sas.identities.providers.ldap.connection.gspdsv04.aqua.local' in string value "ldap://${}:${sas.identities.providers.ldap.connection.389}".

However, when I try to stop and start all services, its saying logon-default service started and died 3 times. So, is there any thing we can do to bring it up even if died. Thanks!!
Fluorite | Level 6

LDAP is part of the installation. 

Install using CloudFormation script:


Checking the Status of the SAS Services through Viya-Ark
Viya-Ark can check the status of the services by issuing the following commands as the ec2-
user on the Ansible controller:

cd /sas/install/ansible/sas_viya_playbook
ansible-playbook viya-ark/playbooks/viya-mmsu/viya-servicesstatus.yml

Restarting the SAS Services through Viya-Ark
Viya-Ark can restart all of the services by issuing the following commands as the ec2-user
on the Ansible controller:

cd /sas/install/ansible/sas_viya_playbook ansible-playbook viya-ark/playbooks/viya-mmsu/viya-servicesrestart.yml -e enable_stray_cleanup=true

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CLI in SAS Viya

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