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Quartz | Level 8

Hello Team,


I am using AuthDomain in one of my libname statement and it is perfectly working from SAS DI user written trasformation,when i run from front end. But the same job when i deploy to batch server it is not working. Saying as invalid credentials in LIbname statement.


Thanks In Advance for your help,


Pyrite | Level 9
Authdomain option works in batch mode.
something like this should work
%let idinfo=authdomain= sever=... database=;
in procsql you can use the &idinfo macro
Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @sandeep_reddy,


I would recommend you a review of the documentation about Authentication Domains and the "SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide".


You will need that, the user that is executing the SAS process, would be registered in the SAS metadata with the right permissions and group memberships to access the Authentication Domain you selected. Plus, the process might need to know on what server/configuration level neecs to connect, in case you have more than 1 configuration level in your server running SAS.


So, additionally to ensure that your OS user (batch user) is registered in your SAS Metadata (with the right permissions and group memberships), to ensure the implicit metadata connection and authentication, you can always add to your code the explicit connection to your metadata in your SAS code:



options metaserver=""                                         

Again, the user will need to be registered in the metadata and with the right group membership. In this case, you could use a internal SAS account or an external OS account.


I hope this helps!


Best regards,


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