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Calcite | Level 5

Hi !


SAS environment setup:

#SAS Application server

#Metadata server

#Mid-tier server (midtier and web-server)

#VA Server

#DB server



We are accessing the SAS in a thin client with the URL: http://<webServer-HostName>:7980/SASVisualAnalyticsHub




1. In order to allow access to pan-India users, which ports i need to open from their local/client ip location?

2. or should I open only port 7980 of web-server?





all our users are internal users accessing SAS from LAN.





Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @rrro, Rohan,


the question, while I can kind of understand it, I cannot follow completely the original requirement.


On a simple way: open the port/connection is the first thing to do. But if your users can already connect to the VA server, but they cannot login or they cannot see the right reports, that is a SAS metadata requirement. You might need to register the new users or provide the right permissions to the right group/s.


But let me do a try. I might give you too much information, but I will aim to cover the global scenario:


On my understanding, and please correct me where I might be wrong, is that you have a VA server on a network A/Domain A for your current site (A), your users can connect from site A to the VA server sitting on network A. But your other users (pan-India) are on another network/domain B, and they cannot access on the same URL.


  1. In case network A and network B can communicate without internet, they are just on different network or domain, they you only need to create the network rules and redirections (DNS server, open firewall communications, etc), until you can communicate with the VA server at the 7980 port.
  2. In case network A and network B need to communicate through internet:
    1. First, I recommend you to set SSL communications and change the protocol to https and the port to 443, 8443 or similar
    2. You will need to secure internet connections to your network. For that, you have 2 options:
      1. you can put your VA server within a F5 or DMZ, to protect your internal network from undesired hacks. If you need to move the server, you will need to reconfigure some network connections as on step 1.
      2. Or you could create a Reverse Proxy configuration, creating the Reverse proxy (Apache, IIS, or another Web Server) on the DMZ and configuring your SAS VA server to use that reverse proxy



Pyrite | Level 9

You have said all users are local users.

From this I presume that you want your local users to be able to connect when the user is working rremotely (for example Work from home).

In corporate environments users connect to their work location using vpn or other secure methods.

Once they are connected this way to the work environment it is as good as working from office.

It should not matter from where in India you are connecting.

Normally the local LAN i/ps are not accessible from outside. The other reply has the details how to handle the situations.





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