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Quartz | Level 8

Hi All,


I have configured and enabled the VA feed to capture the ACM and APM data feeds and it seems like it is capturing the data as I can see the sas data sets being generated in directory /Lev1/Web/SASEnvironmentManager/emi-framework/Datamart/acm/ but I don't see this data getting extracted to autoload drop zone (i.eLev1/AppData/SASVisualAnalytics/VisualAnalyticsAdministrator/AutoLoad/EVDMLA/Append) and since it is not getting its way to autoload directory it is not available in LASR server.


I'm not sure what going on here, I may be missing something here but I don't know. I did researched online, reading through admin guide and user guides but didn't found much help.


Any information/ help will be greately appreciated.


Thank you.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @Alok_Pal


I think your problem is discussed on the following post, and the solution is the right one. Please give it a look: 


Also, I think your post would have got better attention in the Administration Community, hence I will move your post over there, and you will get better insights 🙂



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