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SAS Bowl XXXI, SAS Support Communities

SAS Bowl 31 banner.png

The SAS Support Community is much more than a web site. It's a thriving collection of people, resources, and knowledge, all centered around SAS software. There's so much to learn about and explore that we're going to toot our own horns, show off what we have to offer, and dedicate SAS Bowl XXXI to our Community.


Game Details

  • The SAS Support Community trivia event, SAS Bowl XXXI, SAS Support Communities  is scheduled for Wednesday, May 10, at 10 AM ET.
  • Register for the event and receive an invite to a Microsoft Teams meeting and a calendar event.
  • On game day, join the Teams meeting and access the game here.


More on the SAS Support Communities

You're here, so you must be a little familiar with what we do. One of the main functions of the Communities page is a place to ask questions, get answers, and discuss SAS software.


Below are some SAS Communities-related resources we'll use to create questions for the game.

SAS Support Community Home Page - start from the beginning and explore

SAS Communities Library - thousands of relevant SAS articles

SAS Ask the Expert webinar series - recaps and recording links to scores of webinars

SAS Support Communities rocks new ranks - what's your Community rank rock?

SAS Communities, Getting Started - a series of articles for FAQs about the Community


SAS Bowl and event details

For those who may be new to the SAS Bowl, you can find game history and specifics in this Community memo. There you'll also find links to previous events, which include recordings.


Register for the event and receive an invite with game details and a Teams meeting link. On game day, Join the TEAMS meeting to play, and show off your SAS and worldly knowledge while competing for bragging rights and SAS Community game gear.

Featured Guests
Community Manager
Community Manager

Community Manager
Event has ended
You can no longer attend this event.

Wed, May 10, 2023 10:00 AM EDT
Wed, May 10, 2023 10:30 AM EDT
Meteorite | Level 14

Fabulous theme for a SAS Bowl!!!


Maybe participants can optionally wear/show their SAS Communities swag before the start. What do you think?

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What a great idea! It's been so long since I've been to a live SAS event, I have NO CLUE where my SAS swag is...😟

Good idea!

Please keep the community friendly.
Like posts you agree with or like. Mark helpful answers as “accepted solutions”. Generally have a look at

Came prepared to SAS Bowl XXXI with some SAS Communities swag!


Was a fabulous trivia event! Thanks @joeFurbee and @thiago



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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi Michelle, this looks like a good idea. I was at the office (my client's) during last Bowl ; 

wearing my SAS baseball cap would have been ludicrous ^^. I'll wear it next time.



Meteorite | Level 14

Good that you have some time to find your SAS swag then @TomKari! 😉 Look forward to seeing you all kitted out. 🙌

//Contact me to learn how Metacoda software can help keep your SAS platform secure -

Something went wrong!?! I could see the game panel, but all of the interaction was missing! So sorry I missed you guys, hopefully the tech gremlins will have departed by the next one.



Sorry the gremlins got you! They came for me too. I had to refresh the game continually in order to see leaderboard changes. 

Couldn't attend SAS Innovate in person? We gotchu. Access on-demand content now!

Calcite | Level 5

This event is perfect 🙂