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From Zero to SAS: Using SAS Tasks to Summarize and Manipulate Your Data


Join us as we explore how nonprogrammers today use SAS Studio to accomplish many of the same data-cleaning tasks analysts used to spend 80% of their time on before they could even start the analytics process.


You will learn about:

  • Features of the SAS Studio interface.
  • How to set up SAS libraries.
  • How to import data into SAS.
  • How to use SAS tasks for summarizing and manipulating data.

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Thu, Apr 25, 2024 11:00 AM EDT
Thu, Apr 25, 2024 12:00 PM EDT
Returning User | Level 2

prior to the webinar, is there a SAS Studio software available (for trial use) that I can install in my PC to get a little familiar with it at least? if there is, can someone direct me where and how to get and install it?  thank you!

@petersbl52 see SAS On Demand for Academics: 

It's free to all who want to learn.  You don't need to be affiliated with a college or university.

BASUG is hosting free webinars Next up: Mike Sale presenting Data Warehousing with SAS April 10 at noon ET. Register now at the Boston Area SAS Users Group event page: