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Calcite | Level 5


My data has a categorical independent variable (3 groups) and a dicohotomous (yes/no) dependent variable. I was planning to use a Chi-squared test to see if there is a difference between the groups. However I first need to calculate the sample size, since I didn't find a way to do this in SPSS I am trying to do this in SAS studio.

Is this the correct test to use for my data types or are there better tests to do it? How do I calculate the sample size if the alfa is 0.05, the power is 0.80 and I have a 3X2 tabel as described above?


You can do this either with the POWERRxC macro or with PROC POWER. Both are illustrated for a 4x2 table in Example 3 in the Results tab in the POWERRxC macro documentation.



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What is ANOVA?

ANOVA, or Analysis Of Variance, is used to compare the averages or means of two or more populations to better understand how they differ. Watch this tutorial for more.

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