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Fluorite | Level 6

This is my code:

proc glm data = WORK.RANDOMISED;
class Breed treatment;
model perecentfall= Breed treatment perecentfall;
means Breed treatment / lsd;

This is the only message in the log window:

339  proc glm data = WORK.RANDOMISED;
340  class Breed treatment;
341  model perecentfall= Breed treatment perecentfall;
342  means Breed treatment / lines lsd;
343  run;

NOTE: Means from the MEANS statement are not adjusted for other terms in the model.  For adjusted
      means, use the LSMEANS statement.

This is my out put 

sas help.PNG

Does anyone have any idea as to why this is? or if this is in fact fine?


It's because the Error estimate is zero, probably because you are using the response variable as a predictor of itself.

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