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Calcite | Level 5

Dear All,

I am conducting a meta-analysis and I'm being given the trials, number of patients on each trial, mean, standard deviation and sampling number for both treatment and control. I also collected some background information for each trial. these information include both categorical factors and continuous factors such as experimental position and experimental duration. I would like to use a mixed model in our analysis to estimate the total mean effect size, and test the statistical significance of each explanatory factor. I will very much appreciate if you are able to guide me through on how write this SAS code. Thanks.


Here is a template of my dataset:


trial exp_posit exp_durat mean_of_treat stand_dev_of_treat numb_on_treat mean_of_contr stand_dev_of_contr numb_on_contr

1 Germany 3 44.14 8.33 5 47.93 10.89 5
2 USA 5 80.14 25.62 5 64.14 7.68 5
3 USA 16 140.18 39.2 8 144.14 73.06 8
4 Germany 4 35.53 9.19 8 37.12 12.67 8
5 USA 8 8.94 5.31 3 9.87 3.95 3
6 UK 12 19.43 16.32 3 10.92 8.83 3
7 Germany 4 20.86 2.65 4 0.71 0.81 4
8 UK 15 23.16 11.47 3 49.57 24.26 3
9 Germany 9 25.64 21.61 7 32.02 20.29 7
10 UK 7 10.5 7.93 3 8.56 3.97 3

Kind regards,



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Rhodochrosite | Level 12 lvm
Rhodochrosite | Level 12

You should read:

This article is now open access. The on-line supplement has sas code and instructions.



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Calcite | Level 5

Also, I would like to estimate the treatment effect by calculating the natural log of the response ratio (RR), a metric commonly used in meta-analyse. 

RR = ln(mean_of_treat/mean_of_contr) = ln(mean_of_treat) –ln(mean_of_contr)




Super User

If you don't know enough to write your code I would very HIGHLY suggest hiring a statistician

You'll get some help here, but you need someone who understands the intracacies of your data and the analysis you're trying to do.



For sample code and methodologies search on

Rhodochrosite | Level 12 lvm
Rhodochrosite | Level 12

You should read:

This article is now open access. The on-line supplement has sas code and instructions.



Rhodochrosite | Level 12 lvm
Rhodochrosite | Level 12

I fixed a link in my original post. THe one I took out was for a more complex problem. This one should work for you to learn the topic.

Calcite | Level 5
Dear : Mr/Mrs. lvm
According to your comment on. I concern that you are the best instructor to teach me about SAS.
My name is Rayudika who is doctoral student of SUT in Thailand. Indeed, recently time of this month is conducting of my synthesis from data meta analysis. To be honest, I never use SAS program, consequently, I know nothing about that. My pleasure to accept your considerable is coming true when you give me it.
My data : Factor (A) effect for parameter (X) with using separately
methods : Method 1 and method 2.
Would you like to suggest me to input the data (SAS language code) on PROC MIX ?

Yours sincerely,
Rayudika Aprilia Patindra Purba
Animal Production, SUT, Thailand
14 December 2016
Calcite | Level 5

Thanks, Ivm. I have successfully applied your SAS code in my meta-analysis.


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