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Quartz | Level 8

I have a curve I am printing using proc lifetest:


proc lifetest data=CLEAN.databasesurv3 plots=s outsurv=clean.SurvEst_AIDSSTAGE conftype=linear;

time time * EVENT_ANYDEATH(0);

strata disease_categ_dx2_num ;



The problem is I need to do a few key modifications things: 

1.) Modify the y-axis to start at 0.5

2.) Add number of individuals at risk (for each stratum if possible)

3.) Add the log-rank p-value in a legend (not as dire as the other two things)



I have tried modifying the proc lifetest code, and also using proc gplot, proc template, and macros like %newsurv, but nothing has gotten close to what I need and I think now I am just thoroughly confused. I know this is a common problem, and I could really use a solution that doesn't require an in-depth expertise in programming. It seems like I should use "layout overlay", but that seems to be part of proc template, which is very intimidating at this point. This is the closest I have gotten so far, using this code:


proc lifetest data=CLEAN.databasesurv3 method=km atrisk

    plots=(S(test nocensor atrisk=0 to 3000 by 500)) method=km MAXTIME= 3000 intervals=(0 to 3000 by 500);

    time time*EVENT_ANYDEATH(0);

                strata disease_categ_dx2_num / adjust=sidak test=logrank;

                /*format chemo_weeks_cat chemo_weeks_cat.;*/



I was thinking maybe I could combine it with something like this? Thank you in advance.



%let yOptions = label="Survival Probability"

linearopts=(viewmin=0.6 viewmax=1

/*tickvaluelist=(0 .2 .4 .6 .8 1.0))*/;



Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If I DO need to use proc template or a macro, it would be really helpful to have a better explanation of how these work together with proc lifetest than the explanations I have found previously online. Thank you in advance. 





Rhodochrosite | Level 12


Have you looked at this chapter?  I think it provides clear explanations of what you want.  I wrote it so I would really like to know what parts aren't clear. You can contact me with questions, I am saswfk I am at sas and you know the rest.  The macros are much clearer than going in and modifying full templates and the examples address your questions.


Rhodochrosite | Level 12

It looks to me like you had it figured out.  This code works for me.  What else do you need?


* One time set up to get the macros;
data _null_;
   %let url = //;
   infile "http:&url/templft.html" device=url;

   file 'macros.tmp';
   retain pre 0;
   _infile_ = tranwrd(_infile_, '&', '&');
   _infile_ = tranwrd(_infile_, '&lt;' , '<');
   if index(_infile_, '</pre>') then pre = 0;
   if pre then put _infile_;
   if index(_infile_, '<pre>')  then pre = 1;

%inc 'macros.tmp' / nosource;

* Modify the template;
%let yOptions = label="Survival Probability"
                linearopts=(viewmin=0.5 viewmax=1);

* Analysis;
ods graphics on;
proc lifetest data=sashelp.bmt method=km atrisk
     plots=(S(test nocensor atrisk=0 to 3000 by 500)) 
            method=km MAXTIME= 3000 intervals=(0 to 3000 by 500);
    time t*status(0);
    strata group / adjust=sidak test=logrank;


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