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Pyrite | Level 9
proc hppanel data=creditend1;
 id fyear sic;
 class ratings idvc ids iloss;
 model ratings = logat ROA leverage idvc ids iloss / fixone;

What I want is a regression. 


I have a pooled cross-sectional dataset whose regresee is also categorical(1 to22, credit ratings) and 3 of regressor are not regular ones: logAT, ROA, and leverage while other 3 are dummies: idvc, ids, and iloss.


With this dataset, I want to regress ratings on these 6 variables while simultaneously holding fixed effects from year and sic(industry).


1) As far as I know, this is pooled cross-sectional, I need to use proc hppanel.

2) then need to have the fixed effect, so used id fyear, sic ~~ / fixone;

3) however, with PROC HPPNAEL, I cannot do have categorical variables...  as I did in the CLASS statement.


Does anybody know what would be a proper regression and code for what I am trying now?

It seems that If I need to do this, I may be better to learn SAS Macro. but I cannot now( Yeah. I can start learning but cannot solve this by Macro right now).


Please share your thoughts and experience with this matter so I must super appreciate you!



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Moved your question to the stats forum for better responses.

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