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Ammonite | Level 13

Hello folks, 


I'm trying to reproduce the graph below (Woods et al.,2012) attached to this post. And I read and produced the cumulative relative risk tables following Dr. Dickman's resources for Now I'm getting into the Chapter: Modelling relative survival hoping that I'm pursuing the right direction to find a way to reproduce the graph.


My question is:


1. Do you recognize this graph as a SAS output? or you think that authors might have created this plot from any output estimates data?

2. Does proc phreg produce "excess hazard ratio" as used on the y-axis int he plot below over a survival time in weeks?

I know these authors mostly use stata software. But I can't imagine that SAS wouldn't have a way to produce something close. I keep reading Dr. Dickman's manual. In the meantime, I greatly appreciate to hear from your educated suggestions as to how I should approach to produce a similar plot like below. I use comparable data to that of Woods et al., and datasets that Dr. Dickman used in his tutorial.




Ammonite | Level 13

It appears that Dickman suggested to use poisson regression to model and output relative excess risks. Please let me know if this might be the way to obtain estimates to graph in SAS. I'll keep testing in the meantime. Thanks.


proc genmod data=&grouped(where=(fu le 5)) order=formatted;
title2 'Poisson error model fitted to collapsed data';
title3 'Main effects model (follow-up, sex, age, and dgnyear)';
fwdlink link = log(_MEAN_-d_star);
invlink ilink= exp(_XBETA_)+d_star;
class fu sex age yydx;
model d = fu sex yydx age / error=poisson offset=ln_y type3;
format fu fu. age age. yydx yydx.;


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