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Calcite | Level 5

I am trying to create a ROC plot at time 6 months with 95% error bars plotted as well in SAS v9.4.  I have the ROC curve generated but am having issues with getting the 95% CIs.  I am sure there is a simple option that I am missing, but it is eluding me.  I am unable to post the data I am using but it is a standard time to data set.  I described my variables below as well as posted my PROC PHREG code.


Time=is numeric time variable in months

cns= censor variable 0=censor 1=event

lvaluen=numeric lab value for my test.


proc phreg data=work concordance plots(cl)=roc rocoptions(outroc=rocout at=6);
 model time*cns(0)=lvaluen;

If anyone has a suggestion I would really appreciate it!

Calcite | Level 5
proc phreg data=work concordance plots(cl)=roc rocoptions(outroc=rocout at=6);
 model time*cns(0)=lvaluen / risklimits

 You need to "risklimits" option to see 95%.


Calcite | Level 5

Thanks so much for the response.  However the risklimits option is used to generate the confidence intervals for the hazard ratios, and I need the CIs for the sensitivity values.  


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