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hitting ^E or the down-arrow icon wraps around to the top.  There should be a way to turn that off so you can easily tell you've hit the bottom of the log.

Super User

Again I suggest that you include "in Enterprise guide" or similar to the suggestion just in case someone doesn't catch the tag.


Cntl-E is the window "erase" command in the Display Manager SAS windows by default.



Rhodochrosite | Level 12

That's why the labels/tags are relevant.  Are there down arrows in the display manager logs?

Super User

No down arrows in general in the Display Manager. Right click and some menu options and you can associate SAS window commands (not to confuse with OS window commands) with Keys entries for frequent tasks.


I hate drop down arrows in general for frequent tasks and try to find key strokes to accomplish such tasks.


The recommendation for the Enterprise Guide, which I think belongs in the subject, is so people scanning the boards have a better idea of the topic and are more likely to support your ballot suggestion. Without it other forum users might assume you mean the display manager, SAS studio or perhaps Viya or other environment as LOGs appear in several other environments.